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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions

Strategic Communications

Clear statements identifying who you are and what you offer are critical when raising awareness for your new product or brand. We listen to our clients and work closely with them to craft short and long-term strategies that compel or persuade consumers through messaging and content.


Public & Media Relations

We serve as our clients’ chief advocate to the media. We implement strategies that: secure press placements based on their specific needs, use carefully cultivated, reliable relationships with media professionals, and use calibrated press releases that maximize media response.

Digital Marketing

By integrating social media with media relations, we help clients use their social media accounts to build and engage audiences, enhance visibility, and manage their online reputation. Whether its Facebook pages, Twitter handles or influencer marketing with bloggers, we maximize social media's outreach capability to boost brands or advance campaigns.

Event Planning

We work with our clients to develop a marketing concept and plan events that are memorable and fun. We ensure our events are meaningful and sustainable by identifying and securing the right content, partners, and sponsorships.


Marketing & Branding

We work closely with our clients to: identify brand values, find key partners and build strong alliances to enhance brand recognition. Together, we craft tailored promotions and campaigns that yield lasting results like increased community engagement, and brand resonance with consumers.




We work with a network of experienced copywriters and technical writers to provide our clients with high-quality communications materials for fields ranging from technology and science to arts and literature.


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