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Importance of Webinars During Global Pandemic

Since the pandemic began, businesses had to shift the way we conduct our services to virtual platforms. With stay at home orders and social distancing in effect, there has been the need to adapt to online mediums in order to conduct day to day activities, as well as host events. Zoom in particular rose to the top, with a spike in daily users to 200 million in March compared to 10 million in December, according to Bernstein Research and Apptopia.

KCommunications recognizes this shift. While actively working with our clients virtually, we are helping to find new ways to deliver their services and maintain connections with their customer base. One of our clients, Digital Tapestries, recently facilitated a webinar hosted by the C.G. Jung Center in Evanston, IL. KCommunications’ president, Kimiyo Naka, was the moderator of the event entitled “Maintaining Mental Health through Nature and Art.” We helped to organize this webinar working closely with Digital Tapestries and the Jung Center throughout the process. The event focused on the importance of mental health maintenance and featured Jonas Hart Ginsburg, founder of Digital Tapestries, and Dr. Stan McCracken, Lecturer Emeritus at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration (SSA).

Webinars have been a useful way for people to gather, share ideas and learn but have grown increasingly important during the pandemic. According to a study conducted by Click Meeting, in March 2019 there were 59,425 webinars with 870,579 attendees, but those numbers skyrocketed in March 2020 with 299,906 events and 3,203,034 attendees.

KCommunications understands how important webinars and virtual ways of communicating are in the changing environment. We are working to create quality content to meet all of our clients’ needs while bringing new digital strategies and innovative ideas forward for continual audience engagement and brand growth.

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