Major Projects 

YOu have an idea. we have a strategy.

What We Do  

Serving as our clients’ chief advocate to the media and the public, KCommunications works collaboratively to create stories and trends, identify key partners, and build strong alliances to enhance brand recognition. Through social media, we help our clients deliver messages effectively and creatively. Our track record of success is a foundation for our clients' long-term prosperity.   

Client List  

  • Communications Strategy
  • Public Relations  
  • Media Relations 
  • Branding Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing 
  • ​Partnership Building
  • Event Planning & Management
  • ​Media Training
  • Copywriting
  • Media Production 
  • Translation (English/Japanese)
  • Mitsuwa Marketplace  
  • Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
  • Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Chicago​
  • Project 120 
  • Tatsu Aoki
  • Tsukasa Taiko 
  • Digital Tapestries 
  • CityFiles Press 
  • Hocked on Fish
  • All Nippon Airways (ANA) marketing event (2018) Click here.

  • Chicago Made: Innovating for Tomorrow series by UNIQLO USA and 1871 (2018) Click here.

  • Japan External Trade Organization's PR at National Restaurant Association Show (2018)

  • ​The City of Tokyo's participation in Chicago Gourmet (2017) 

  • Japanese Chamber of Commerce  & Industry of Chicago's 50th Anniversary Celebration (2017) 

  • Yoko Ono's SKYLANDING dedication ceremony (2017)